Friday, March 11, 2011

What In The Wild World Of Sports Is Going On!!!!

It's been a month since posting a new blog, sorry bad.  Well, today was the day of the Japan earthquake and subsequent tsunami.  The amazing photos and video of what happened over there is incredible to say the least.  When I finally had a chance to get home and wind down, the sports world had an interesting event of its own.

The NFL player's union decertified, putting the 2011 NFL season in jeapordy.  Are the NFL players broke and standing on a street corner, no way.  Heck, a group of ten NFL players' salary could rebuild a town in Japan, so they are not suffering.  Here is what happened today in the sports world could create quite a mess, especially here locally.

Say there isn't an NFL season this year, which could happen.  Likely..not..but it could.  Stadium workers, parking attendants, some media members..*cough* would not get paid out of eight Sundays.  It's almost certain the NBA will lockout next season.  That means arena workers, vendors, some media members *cough* would not get paid 42 nights plus playoffs.  On top of that, Phoenix could lose its hockey team to some where colder and full of morons..Winnipeg.  At least the one's i've been conversing with, just vile ugly people.  That means, stadium workers, vendors, some media members *cough*, wouldn't get paid.  So the next sports season could cost some people a pretty penny next year, starting with the NFL.  It may be time to see if there is any interest in the WNBA, local horse racing, weekly poker tournaments at the casinos, or Mesa street block bicycle racing.  Probably not.