Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Time For This Tomfoolery To Stop

It's been a year since I've posted a blog.  A lot has changed.  I've moved myself and my family to Flagstaff, Arizona for a change of life.  I am a proud NAU alum and it's great to be home and at a great job with great people.  Life couldn't be better.  I did however leave family and friends behind, include people I have known for a long time in sports media.  This is where this blog now begins.

About nine months ago, I noticed this fellow on Twitter who was tweeting about Arizona Sports.  I reached out to him and introduced myself and offered help.   I tend to do that from time to time, it's my nature.  His name is Casey Gagnon and tweets under the handle @SportsHubAZ .  Within a couple of weeks, he tried to get credentialed with the now Arizona Coyotes and was turned down.  He got irate and launched into personal attacks to people within the organization, people who I knew and liked.  I told him he was making a big mistake and that he was going about it the wrong way.  He wouldn't listen and instead went into a jealous rage on media members I have grown to like and respect.  If you follow this story, you know the names and I don't need to include them here.  He has beaten his drum that he is a "professional" and the "Coyotes don't want professional coverage." Again, I tell him he was making a big mistake and was very wrong in going after the writers he did.  Again, he didn't listen.  So I decided that I've had enough and didn't want to waste my time with this guy anymore and he'll bury himself.  I was then alerted to a post on NHL.com, where he decided to lay into me.  He decided to post a vicious and all out lie that I told someone to kill themselves, while "working" at a Coyotes game.  I approached him again, saying he was not telling the truth and I demanded an apology.  He "apologized" by tweeting out the same garbage, of which I have screenshots of.  I was then approached by a friend of mine on Twitter that Casey has a dark past.

According to Maricopa County Superior Court, Mr. Gagnon had been arrested in 2011 for DUI and Endangerment, which means he put someone's life in danger with his moronic decision.  Court records indicate, Mr. Gagnon plea bargained to probation and time served.  He was also sentenced to wear an electronic monitoring device and his license was suspended.  So, in my mind, he's now an ex-convict.  It's okay though, I know a few and they are good people.  Not judging here, just stating facts.  So, Mr. Gagnon continues to bash my friends and the Coyotes organization.  Then, a fan decides to play a prank on him and feeds him rumors about Coyotes Captain Shane Doan wanting out and demands to be traded.  Of course, like a non-media member he is, takes it hook line and sinker.  It carried on for a few days until the Coyotes themselves shot out a tweet claiming a cute fuzzy bunny was the source of his rumor.  Of course, like the mental case Casey is, he goes off.  He blames everyone in the organization and demands an apology.  MANY people tell him over and over again that he got played by a fan and still to THIS DAY he thinks it was an inside job.  The best joke is the one that carries and keeps coming back.  This very well may be the best joke ever played in the history of social media.  But, I digress.  During his tirade against members of the media, I come to find out that every sports team in town has blocked him and has made sure he won't be credentialed for anything.  But, he keeps this farce going on his twitter account, again launching false accusations against people.

Another thing, he lies to his followers.  At least the one's he hasn't blocked because he can't take the bad comments and questions.  Again, he's not that much of a man. The lies come when he tweets he's at various games, which he isn't.  Numerous times he's been asked by followers to meet up with them to say hi and he doesn't respond.  Also, plus he says he's not being appreciated for his hard work.  I ask, what hard work is this?  He has no blog, no website and no means to spread his craft except the twitter account.  Hard work is working two jobs to make ends meet.  Hard work is a single mom with three kids having to work all hours of the day to make the best life for their kids.  Hard work is not an ex-con, taking the bus because he lost his license and claiming he's at ballparks and arenas covering games when he's not.  Again, this guy is a piece of work.

Fast forward to today, where he tweets out another sad story about how the Coyotes treated him wrong.  However, this comes hours after demanding the ASU basketball coach Herb Sendek wouldn't be fired and launched yet another attack against credentialed and respected reporters who broke the story.  Again, Casey was proven wrong.  What does he do?  Instead of being a man and owning up to his mistake, he launches an attack again against the Coyotes.  In the meantime, i'm again alerted to another piece of criminal mischief on Mr. Gagnon.

According to the Arizona Supreme Court website,  Casey was arrested recently, on two counts of Theft.  One count was on Valentine's Day, how sweet.  So, in case you are scoring at home that's 1 count DUI, 1 count Endangerment and 2 counts of Theft.  That's a pretty long list for a tweeter claiming the Coyotes did him wrong by not credentialing him, for doing nothing, and blaming everything in the world on them and not himself.  Maybe, just this one, he would actually take account that he is the problem and not everyone else.  Oh and Casey, President Obama called and he was wondering why he wasn't blamed for your stupidity either.  I hope you get your life straight and take stock in yourself instead of creating lies about others.  Do what's good here.