Friday, August 3, 2012

It's August...Thank You!!

Well July has passed and I am happy for that. (see two blogs ago)  Things are definitely on the uptick.  Just a quick word on my health.  I promise I won't bore you with much.  Three weeks ago my wife an I decided to join a gym, locally owned Mountainside Fitness.  What a difference it has made. Before going back to the gym, I was already making progress on my diet and lost a few pounds.  After three weeks of gym time, and a couple of personal training sessions, I am down 20 pounds.  Now..I'm a big guy, no denying or hiding it so the change is subtle at best, but I feel good, having a good time and everything is fine.  Now, some of my family and friends probably said, "that's great, but we've heard that before and we'll see after a couple of months" and they would be right.  My track record with this isn't the best I agree.  However, I recently had a battery of tests and found I may have a small blockage that is easily contained by drugs and exercise.  Both my regular and cardio doctor think I'm not in danger and have cleared me for additional training.  So, just to prove to myself and others, today I signed up for training sessions for the next year, so I HAVE to go and can't quit if I wanted too.  Nicole and I are splitting two sessions a week for now, since she is in training for the Susan G. Komen walk (watch Twitter and Facebook for a cool fund raising event for that).  After November, I will go two a week.  My goals are simple, get back into shape and do Pat's Run in April, which is something I have always wanted to do.  I'm not a runner at all, but it's for a great cause and in memory of a great man.  I still have a long way to go, but it's been fun getting back in the gym again and working hard. 

Ok, now for what this blog is built for.  My sports takes.  Let's start with the only team playing games in Arizona right now, the Diamondbacks.  As of writing this, the D'backs are playing the Phillies in the opening game of a three game road series.  The roll they are on right now is very similar to late last season.  Everyone is contributing and Kevin Towers is making the right moves to make it work.  They are in a great spot to make a post season run, and it's been fun lately watching them play.  Still a lot of baseball left to play.  So far, so good.

Next..the Coyotes. Still waiting for new ownership and Shane Doan.  Coyotes fans have been waiting a LONG time for new ownership and should get some soon in Greg Jamison.  He is a hockey guy with a history of success that has a smart business plan to make this situation work out in Glendale.  He has the right general manager in Don Maloney and the right coach in Dave Tippett and certainly the right goaltending coach in Sean Burke, who has transformed Mike Smith into an elite level netminder.  I still hope all will be resolved very soon and the Coyotes will be here for 20 years plus, and Doan can wear the "C" again in a Coyotes uniform.

Cardinals.  Training camp has started and the boys in red will be playing in the Hall of Fame Game this weekend against New Orleans.  Preseason is horrible, but I'd watch bad football over anything really, so bring it on.  All indications say the Cardinals will have a stellar defense, some believe top-five in the NFL.  However, quarterback and offensive line are still question marks.  The offense doesn't have to be world-beaters, just be average and score 17-20 points a game..that's it.  The defense will do it's job.  We will see how this all pans out.

Sun Devils Football:  New energy, new attitude, new coaches.  I have high hopes for Todd Graham and the Sun Devil Football team.  He has made a lot of positive strives inside and outside the program already, but now it's time to earn the paycheck on gameday.  Realistically Sun Devil fans should hope for a bowl game, any bowl game, which we know these days is .500 football.  Next year's recruiting class is already looking special on paper and high school football hasn't started yet.  I also LOVE what he is doing in-state.  High school football players in this state has been virtually ignored by both ASU and UofA over the last five years or so and it's time for that to change.

Suns: Honestly..I dunno.  This team could challenge for a playoff spot, or could tank horribly.  I like Luis Scola.  He could be a very good player in this system.  The have some scoring on the outside, but is it enough?  I don't know.  I think we will let this be until training camp, so we can at least see a roster to see who is even on this team.

Well, that's about it.  If you read this far, get a cookie.  Me..well I'll have a protein bar or shake. They actually aren't that bad.  Thanks for reading and mostly caring.